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Whether you have definite personal goals, like saving for retirement or funding your children’s education, or you’re facing a raft of financial challenges like many New Zealanders, a competent financial adviser can make a real difference. The best time to get your finances under control and set your long term goals is NOW.

Members of the Institute of Financial Advisers have created this website to share with you some key tips and strategies for success that you can use to help you get your finances under control. We’ll take you through the six financial planning steps that will enable you to achieve your goals in life. We’ve developed case studies using a typical New Zealand family to show you how these tips and strategies can be applied.

When it comes to designing your financial future, there is no one right answer. What is right for you will depend on your personal goals, your values and your attitudes towards money, risk and life in general. On this website, we raise a number of questions for you to consider and give you guidance as to how they might be answered. Your financial adviser can play a key role in helping you develop a financial plan which is unique to you and which takes into account the things which are important to you.

Start planning today! Find a financial adviser near you to be offered sensible, achievable solutions that identify opportunities and help you take control of your future.